About the State of Indian Content (Writing) Market

There's Hope

The Indian market of content writers is growing very fast and as every creative professional knows, the competition is rife like never before. However, the benefits of having more writers, some with unique talents from almost all parts of the country has only made the content writing industry better in terms of human resources, talents and overall quality standards the Indian content writing industry usually deals with. 

The most effective outcome of the whole process of churning out more content has been always positive for the Indian content industry. 

Read this blog to know why.

More Writers means Better Quality

The very first effect of having lots of writers is that there has been a commendable rise in the quality standards in Indian content industry. With a growing digital marketing scenario, the most daunting task for all companies while seeking to find new writers is the one related with quality of contents. That is, while there have always been an abundant number of writers, many of them are often below average in quality. While knowledge of Grammar and syntax etc., play a great role in augmenting the quality of content, many writers seem to just be able to write very simple stuff that is paid too little by the clients.

That is not, however, a bad thing either. While the fresher in the industry have understood that they cannot ask for high rates, the introduction of a host of writers has made the Indian content industry richer in terms of quality and readability standards. However, many of the new content writers who learn the process of acing the writing process face an ugly disadvantage of carrying on with dubious clients and that affects the overall satisfaction index among writers in India. 

Therefore, it won’t be a blunder to assume that while the number of writers has increased by leaps and bounds, the Indian content market has gained substantial benefits from the entire process. The only idea for content firms is that they should utilize the potential of better writers in order to make the content industry more valuable in the long run.

There is a Stiff Competition among Content Agencies

While there has been a steady rise in the number of professional content agencies in India, the only big problem is that no one actually understands how superior the new players are in their own game. Content writing has always been a matter of skills and hence, while there is always hope for growing demand of content from foreign geographies, providing the expected quality standards has been a long-heard bottleneck in many of the cases.

Contentoto India has felt the heat of too much competition in the Indian market, but as it has always made clear, the agency is hell-bent to provide the best content in terms of professionalism and grammatical quality even if the number of clients it gets goes down substantially. 

Contentoto India will deal with lesser clients if needs arise but it will not compromise in terms of quality even if the revenues it generates goes down in certain periods of time. That is what the general feeling is among the Indian content agencies and this is a plus point for the overall content industry in India. 

The Price-Point is also a Matter of Consideration  

While there has been lots of discussion regarding the price of content, it is a well-known matter that the price of content is one of the most sensitive issues that determine the success of content industry at large. 

 In its operation of the last 5 years, Contentoto India has felt that there is a shortage of organized management in the content industry. As lots of freelancers offer services that are equally priced as those of most content agencies, it is a very important factor to decide the fate of a content agency. 

The price of content will remain a major decider of the success of a content firm and hence, the content agencies must realize that they have to keep their prices to the minimum if they want to survive in a crowded marketplace of content writing service providers. The idea is to generate revenues from a bulkier group of clients rather than charging one company too high and Contentoto India has always paid respect to this philosophy.

The overall scenario of the content industry in India is positive and this will definitely shape the Indian content firms’ future as is desired by the bunch of content agencies generally. Contentoto India is one of the earliest content agencies that have seen all kinds of weathers in the market and hence it is confident that it will become only stronger and more valuable in the coming future. 

With a hope of a great future for all content writers, here is a wish that all the deserving writers get the outcomes they deserve, both in monetary and social acceptance domains.

Thanks a lot.  

Contentoto India is 'the Future of Content Agencies'.

Learn why?


We focus not just on quantity but on quality to provide only but the best internet and content marketing solutions to our clients. We emphasize exhibiting high quality in our services while maintaining consistency. 

Our mantra is to strategies our content marketing plans so as to deliver credible write-ups in a regular manner. We are proficient in providing high-quality work within the stipulated time frame while ensuring its excellence and relevance. 

We make sure that all our work is authentic, original and exactly according to what the specific products demand. 

We also carry out conscientuous quality checks of our finished content before delivering to our clients on a consistent basis. This ensures the end product is nearest to perfection.


We have a team of highly experienced native writers from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand who are well versed in conducting thorough research and create engaging and resourceful content. 

We can help our clients gain meaningful online social media presence. We provide 100% authentic unique content and also offer free and unlimited revisions on the work provided by us. 

Client satisfaction and prosperity of your business is our topmost priority and we leave no stone unturned to help you achieve success for the long term.  We also analyze the target audience for a particular brand and plan our marketing content accordingly so as to create a great impact in the minds of the potential customers. 

The Contentoto team is dedicated to making it a world-class content agency that is known for impeccable and superior quality work while following the ethical norms. 

We have a transparent organization culture wherein we pay our employees fair salary and respect the dignity of the profession. We are undoubtedly the hub of talented professionals who have an inborn talent for creativity needed for advertising, marketing, and content development. 

Our team is guided by passion and curiosity to think outside of the box and generate ideas that resonate with the consumers’ hearts.


Everybody knows that content is the king in the digital world and we help that dream come true for you through our endeavors and content marketing skills. We use the power of creativity and analytical thinking to move the world towards a more positive direction and evolution of consciousness. 

We also aim of bringing about revolutionary changes and driving the world towards upliftment of each human being through our powerful words and thoughts. 


We want to break the traditional paradigm of the content industry and help the writers to get the pay and respect they deserve. We always do intensive research before sitting down to write in order to make the content highly resourceful and knowledgeable. 

We choose to trend topics for our customers that make the readers share the content on their social media pages, thus increasing its audience reach. Just like any fitness schedule, even content marketing is futile without consistent perseverance and improvements. 

We are always on the move to develop and share authentic and valuable content with our followers and also do value addition to their lives. 


Our motto is to help people accomplish their goals of new customer acquisition by sharing their content on social media. For this, we are dedicated to helping our customers reaching their business objectives and spreading the knowledge about their product. 

Moreover, in this era of intense competition in the field of content marketing, it has become imperative for content agencies like us to maintain high standards in order to retain the clients. 

We leave no stone unturned to deliver nothing less than perfect. We also contribute our bit to the upliftment of the society through our social causes like the English Revolution 2018, our non-profit movement aimed at empowering the Indian people with English Speaking, writing and understanding skills. 

Our aim: to become the best Content Agency in the next 2 years.

We aspire to become the best brand in the content market in the next two years by continuing to scale up our services and quality of work. 

We are among the few agencies that work on the principles of ethics and fair employment opportunities. We have all that it takes to be the industry leader from the talented workforce to content writing strategies that work. 

A diverse portfolio of writers.

We have a diverse group of professional writers who are experts in writing on different domains such as health, finance, travel, lifestyle, fashion, food, law and IT. We train our writers to put on the writing rules applicable to blogging, and writing or news editing to make to appeal to its respective audience. 

For example, blogging calls for a personal touch, product descriptions are short and precise, while white papers are more in-depth and refer to a problem and its solution.


Social media marketing.

We carry out social media marketing campaigns for our clients and take care of all their social media needs from planning marketing resources, to content creation and strategically publishing it. 

Analytics and idea generation phase.

We carry out keyword research and find the trending hot topics that the readers want to read about. We create content that resonates with the target audience and solves their problems in order to keep them engaged and hooked on to the clients’ page. 

Focus on branding and not sales.

Our content focus on branding and adding value to the lives of the readers. When people are browsing for a topic on search engines, they want to know more about that topic or solve a problem. They are not essentially in a buying mood and we keep this in mind while drafting our content. We concentrate more on increasing the knowledge base of the readers rather than portraying a blatant sales pitch. 

• Our successful records in a short span of time prove that we are the next leaders in the content management domain and a perfect solution for highly effective content campaigns. 

• Our content is based on relevant facts and is aimed at helping the clients develop strong bonds of trust and a long-lasting relationship. We give true words to the products’ ego and make the customers want to buy and use it. 

This helps in increasing the ROI and increasing the conversion rates. This also increases the probability of getting the maximum number of shares on social media and thus escalating its social media presence. 

What we do to satisfy client's requirements?

• We make use of proven content marketing strategies & methodologies and have successful track records of brands that we have helped escalate in the digital scenario. 

• Our team has the required skill set to make your brand come alive and be appealing to the target customers.


• Contentoto uses its high expertise and productive manpower to strategically plan and write its content months well in advance of actual publishing. 

We take into consideration the exact requirements of the clients, takes their feedback after the completion of each assignment and carries out multiple revisions and edits until it fully satisfies them.


• In this era of intense content marketing, clients want their work in the shortest span of time. Therefore, we strive hard to supply quality content in a fast manner while maintaining our excellence and adhering to strict deadlines.

• We select only the best of writers to supply superior work to our users. It is extremely easy to hire not so great writers at a cheap price point and provide average work.

We tread on a different path and hire only but the best writers post intense screening sessions even when we know that our outputs might cost more than average what the popular content writers or agencies charge. 

• Our clients do not have to worry about editing, proofreading or quality checking as our senior editors take care of it. This leaves our customers with more time to concentrate on other aspects such as design, sharing and reaching out to potential customers. 

• We help our customers to create an edge over the other brands through our creative perspective and analytical research. Our content is appealing to the readers and also scale up on Google search engines. 

Our strategic expertise doesn’t let the customers feel that they are forced into something, rather they use content that is highly useful to them and enrich their lives.

• Our team is made up of experts from different fields who are masters in their area. So you don’t have to worry about going to different agencies be it of finance, IT, travel, health and public relations. 

We are a one-stop shop for all your content related woes and will provide you with assistance in every step starting from finding the right keywords, topic selection, writing and effective marketing strategies.

If you are more interested in quality content than cheap talents, you might want to consult with us for more details about our content writing services.

Inquire now. 


Text/Idea/Inputs : Paridhi Agarwal

Editing/Refinement: Sumana Ganguly


For more details about pricing, contact Paridhi at paridhi.agarwal@contentoto.in.

To know more about content policies write to Sumana at sumana.ganguly@contentoto.in.


Please don't contact our executives for unsolicited services, personal motives or unwanted ideas. Thanks for being responsible and professional.  - Team Contentoto 

Importance of Content Agencies Over Freelance Writers

Content Agencies Have Numerous Advantages.

Content is undoubtedly the king when it comes to effective online marketing for both SMEs or large businesses in the present digital era. Relevant, interesting, helpful and engaging content is the key to attract and sustain the website traffic and customer’s interest in the site. 

The digital marketing universe is governed by the presence of effective content on the two most important online platforms, aka Google and Facebook. Valuable content helps in increasing the number of conversions and clicks of the website and ultimately aids in escalating the ROI. 

Business owners or marketers often fall short of time, expertise and resources to formulate high-quality content that actually works. Therefore, the task of content creation is often outsourced either from digital or content development agencies or freelance writers. 

From a recent study, it was found that around 75% of renowned companies are going for experienced content agencies to take charge of their content management operations while they devote time for other necessary tasks of production and management. 

Many a times, businesses suffer due to inadequate content, blogs and articles in their websites in spite of having high quality of products and services. A premium quality of content can help keep your potential customers hooked to your website and finally convert them into loyal customers. 

Working with content writing agencies: All you need to know!

A content creation agency is a professional company having a team of experienced and qualified writers who are in charge of writing all their content related write-ups. They have a bevy of trained professionals who know the tactics of writing effective social media content, press releases, blogs post and website content to name a few. 

The content agencies also keep track of the ongoing trends and search items topping the Google Search Engine and draft their content accordingly so as to increase the chances of the customer’s website in the top search pages online. 

Contentoto India is a leading content development and digital marketing agency based out of Kolkata, having years of experience and proficiency in the field. The company has a team of highly experienced and talented writers, both Native and local who are trained in developing high-quality content that best suits your business’s requirements. 

The company strives to accomplish the client satisfaction and provide them value for their money through the delivery of impeccable content in a timely fashion. It offers a diverse range of services ranging from website content, social media content, press release, newsletters, instructional content, eBooks, ad copies, reports and memes to name a few. The company also provides research and analysis related to financial, scientific and investment domains. 

Why hire content writing agencies?

One may wonder that why to hire an agency when there are enough freelance writers who offer the same services at competitive prices. Well, content agencies are more adept at handling the various necessities pertaining to online writings such as quality, plagiarism, authenticity, grammatical perfection and originality that the freelance writers are incapable of. 

A complete package of services

A content agency is essentially a specialist in providing an all-inclusive package of content management rather than just providing with writers. Moreover, many provide additional services such as conducting a survey of what type of content will best suit the customers’ business based on Google Analytics. 

They also aid in recognizing the target audience and formulating content based on their preferences and choices. As for instance, a product pertaining to young women is mostly advertised using Social Media Content Marketing Strategies that will be appealing to millennial female customers and keep them hooked on the website. 

The availability of better talents

Agencies recruit the best of talents in the writing industry in order to ensure the perfection in their compositions. On top of this, all the editing and reviewing work is also taken care of by highly talented editors and copywriters. The same is not available with freelance writers and the businesses are forced to do the needful all by themselves. 

The contracting agencies hire writers from diverse fields of experience and expertise to build a comprehensive portfolio of wide-ranging services. Therefore, one is free from the botheration of checking the quality and authenticity of the final write-ups provided by the agencies.


Management Knowledge of agencies 

Clients can free themselves from the burden of handling various freelance writers by giving all their load to proficient content agencies. Hiring freelance writers are quite a cumbersome process as firstly, one needs to examine their levels of competence before hiring and then continuously manage their assignments and review their work. 

However, in contrast to this, content agencies such as Contentoto does all the work of communicating and supervising the duties of the various writers working under its wings. It also ensures that the final write-up provided to the clients is error free with unmatched quality. 

Advantages of group-think

The company takes charge of generating write-ups that helps in building the trust of the clientele and keep them engaged through its well-researched topics. In addition to this, content management agencies provide the benefit of groupthink as it includes the opinions and viewpoints of various staff members to come up with a content plan that is sure to increase your website footfall. 

Businesses can benefit from the united knowledge and varied skill set of a myriad of writers who are chosen through a tough screening process. Furthermore, customers get accessed to a highly organized content management platform wherein there is an availability of writers having diversified niches and expertise in a wide range of subjects. 

Contentoto helps the businesses to execute their digital marketing plans and manage content services through ease and effortlessness. However, with freelance writers, one does not enjoy this benefit and have to go through the harassment of hiring different people for a diversified range of projects. 

Executives in agencies are more experienced

The agencies have experienced executives and managers who are adept at communicating the needs of the customers with the writers best suited for the specific jobs. Moreover, the tasks are assigned and received from the staff in a highly organized fashion which ensures that the final work is handed over to the clients in a timely fashion. They also look after the contracts and agreements pertaining to the non-disclosure agreement and copyright of the drafts created by them. 

The content agencies carry out the keyword research of the trending keywords in the respective industries and formulate the writings accordingly. While, opposing this, freelance writers have limited expertise, availability of time, resources and know-how of effectual content management procedures. Plus, relying on a single freelance for the whole project is quite risky in case of illness or incapability to finish it within the deadline.


Agencies must perform or perish in a competitive environment

There has been an emergence of numerous content writing and online marketing agencies owing to its demand and importance in the digital world. Agencies thrive to sustain themselves amid a highly competitive environment and save their clients from going to the rival companies in the market. 

Therefore, the content marketing agencies are highly sensitive to keeping up with the clients’ expectations and build relationships of trust and loyalty with them. In order to accomplish this, they are constantly endeavoring to upgrade their levels of service and provide nothing less than perfect. This exceeding competition and the threat of new market entrant makes the performance outcome of the agencies a surpassed one. 

If you are wondering about whom to choose between content writing agencies and freelance writers, then the pros of agencies are much more encompassing and advantageous for a busy business house. So, give up all your content marketing concerns to the experienced agencies and relax and see the magic happen.


Text: Paridhi Agarwal, Head - Social Media Content, Contentoto India.

Reach her  at paridhi.agarwal@contentoto.in

The most Haunting Challenges the Content Agencies Face

Content Agency Management is No Child's Play

It seems like everyone is a content writer these days. The era where digital marketing and SEO are seen as unavoidable tools of marketing, writing content is a natural solution for the career-hungry people. However, when it comes to satisfaction, there are only a few writers who can complete their tasks to perfection. It is therefore obvious that most corporate clients who seek content writing services from an external agency feel disappointed. But, wait; there are some very common problems with these content agencies that make their day hard enough. 

Here are some of them:

1. Quality

Every content professional knows this. Content providers are everywhere. You just post an ad in any platform and you’ll get handful of applications. But, the most serious thing you should consider as a client is the quality of content. It is so because, writing is an art and like all other fields of creativity, the real art is known to only a few writers. Therefore, when it comes to recruiting, content agencies face a tough task of shortlisting candidates that will make them profitable versus those who are just applying for making their ends meet.

2. Rates

Content agencies find it very hard to balance both sides of the scale. In one hand, they have to keep wages to minimum and on the other; they need to find the best writers. It is easy to judge that an agency that asks for too much price may be irrelevant, but the writers are also people who need growth and an agency that offers good pay must ask for some genuine prices from the client that cannot seem to be very honest at the first sight.

3. Finding out the best talent

It is a very pertinent issue to most of the content agencies. You cannot just find out the best writer out of the heap of applications. If one seems good, you will come across someone else who looks better. However, as it goes by you’ll come to learn that content writing is an art that gets better with practice and hence, whoever your next choice is, trust him to improve with each passing day.

4. Finding the best editors at an affordable price

Well, this is also part of every content agency’s life-cycle. They need to choose the best editors but doing that is trickier than it seems to be. Best editors often ask for gigantic rates that are not very affordable to content agencies. However, every content agency has some editors they never want to go away and hence, sometimes; they pay uneven prices to these talented breeds, even when pricing is a big issue with the clients.

5. Managing time

As is obvious, once you’re into managing writers and editors, you’ll find that it is a very critical process. The writers are often moody and they need enough free time to be creative. But, the clients who want you to write a piece for them will always run after you to provide them the content quickly. So, it is like you want to bake but do not have the flour in your kitchen.

While there are many challenges faced by content agencies, there are some really good perks too that make investing in content an investment for the lifetime. If you are getting into content writing industry, know that you’ll be tested all the time, without any mercy.


If QUALITY is what you are interested in, Trust Contentoto.

Contentoto India (CI) has been operating for five years and it had a very humble beginning. With just a few dollars to invest, Contentoto faced a lot of problems to grow and be a good content agency that provides the best of content to the quality-hungry clients. However, as the saying goes by, the best of a breed will always be noted, Contentoto has curved out a niche in the content industry. We now have writers from almost all continents of the world, and w cater to a diverse group of clients ranging from digital media agencies to e-commerce giants thanks to the never-compromising attitude in Quality Management of India’s most preferred content agency, CI.