New Startup Under TOTO Brand

Toto is going to present a New E-commerce startup in 2018. It is a hobby-based startup that will be tested in KOLKATA market. If successful, we will expand to other other Indian Markets.

The idea is to engage people through effective marketing and genuine help in finding their next hobby item.

The idea has enough potential to be successful. We are aiming to be profitable within 6 months of starting the operations.  

Looking to Tie-Up with a Local Courier Service

We are looking to partner with a local Courier company having business in the Kolkata market.

The partnership will be on a 'per item' basis. 

We cannot pay any advance, but the transactions will surely be profitable enough for the company.

Only services that can offer excellent services are required. Any damage to consignment won't be accepted.

All Business Inquiries are Welcome

Any business inquiry regarding the project is welcome.  

We will need help of a Website Designer/ Hosting and Domain maintenance service. 

We're expecting to build the service on Cloud. Cloud-server owners, please contact us. 


Please contact Toto Banerjee for all queries. 


Cell Number: +91-9957666747

Address: BP Township, Kolkata - 94

Our Core Values

TOTO aims to to build its brand on high ethical and responsible foundations. 

Any service that impacts the stakeholders negatively will be instantly stopped/ withdrawn.

Our aim is to build a world that's more peaceful, organized and joyful.

We never engage in bribery or any other dishonest policies that harm anyone else.