The most Haunting Challenges the Content Agencies Face

Content Agency Management is No Child's Play

It seems like everyone is a content writer these days. The era where digital marketing and SEO are seen as unavoidable tools of marketing, writing content is a natural solution for the career-hungry people. However, when it comes to satisfaction, there are only a few writers who can complete their tasks to perfection. It is therefore obvious that most corporate clients who seek content writing services from an external agency feel disappointed. But, wait; there are some very common problems with these content agencies that make their day hard enough. 

Here are some of them:

1. Quality

Every content professional knows this. Content providers are everywhere. You just post an ad in any platform and you’ll get handful of applications. But, the most serious thing you should consider as a client is the quality of content. It is so because, writing is an art and like all other fields of creativity, the real art is known to only a few writers. Therefore, when it comes to recruiting, content agencies face a tough task of shortlisting candidates that will make them profitable versus those who are just applying for making their ends meet.

2. Rates

Content agencies find it very hard to balance both sides of the scale. In one hand, they have to keep wages to minimum and on the other; they need to find the best writers. It is easy to judge that an agency that asks for too much price may be irrelevant, but the writers are also people who need growth and an agency that offers good pay must ask for some genuine prices from the client that cannot seem to be very honest at the first sight.

3. Finding out the best talent

It is a very pertinent issue to most of the content agencies. You cannot just find out the best writer out of the heap of applications. If one seems good, you will come across someone else who looks better. However, as it goes by you’ll come to learn that content writing is an art that gets better with practice and hence, whoever your next choice is, trust him to improve with each passing day.

4. Finding the best editors at an affordable price

Well, this is also part of every content agency’s life-cycle. They need to choose the best editors but doing that is trickier than it seems to be. Best editors often ask for gigantic rates that are not very affordable to content agencies. However, every content agency has some editors they never want to go away and hence, sometimes; they pay uneven prices to these talented breeds, even when pricing is a big issue with the clients.

5. Managing time

As is obvious, once you’re into managing writers and editors, you’ll find that it is a very critical process. The writers are often moody and they need enough free time to be creative. But, the clients who want you to write a piece for them will always run after you to provide them the content quickly. So, it is like you want to bake but do not have the flour in your kitchen.

While there are many challenges faced by content agencies, there are some really good perks too that make investing in content an investment for the lifetime. If you are getting into content writing industry, know that you’ll be tested all the time, without any mercy.


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Three Truths about Content Writing No One Tells You

Let's Begin with the Good

Content writing is a very rewarding and creative career, and the earnings are pretty good if it is not great. However, like any new writer who ventures into content writing, everyone has to go through a grind to emerge as a professional content writer. While you’ll find a lot of articles about content writing on the web, I thought why not share some real truths that will let all the writers be aware and ready to accept the profession as a serious and highly rewarding move? Here are three facts associated with content writing no one would ever tell you.

The Beginning is the Toughest

Well, if you have just ventured into content writing or have been following writers who have made a mark in the industry, you already know this. It is very hard to continue with content writing because the first phase as a writer is very very challenging. The clients often don’t offer good rates and employers shy away from paying decent salaries to a fresher. Well, the reason is everyone wants to make a profit out of your writing, and as is obvious, since employers are not sure how good your writing is, they don’t seem to offer you good package until you prove yourself in the profession.

The Talent-Shortage

There are numerous writers and many people enter into the content writing domain every day. So, there is no shortage of writers in the domain. But, as you may know, writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Although, many people start writing content to get a good source of earning, most of the writers are not well-versed with the nuances of grammar and the required professional attitude. So, when you seek to find a new writer, it is a Gregorian task to find out the real talents. There is no shortage of supply, but it is very hard to sort the experts out of heaps of applications for a content writers post.

It is Not an Easy Way to Make Money

Many people think that writing is an easy way to make money. That is a myth. Although content writing pays good enough if you stick to your profession through the thick and thin, it requires certain attributes and qualities that are hard to imbibe. It may sound a bit harsh, but many people don’t get the hack of the exact process of writing even if they stick to the industry for many years. If you are too emotional or want to stay at the top all the time, it is not a profession for you.

And, once you are into content writing, you will automatically realize that what seems to be just sitting and typing some words is actually a process that requires creative abilities and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary to the fullest. So, if you skipped the grammar lessons in school and now want to be a writer, keep an Oxford English Grammar with you to become an ace in the process of creating content. 

Last Few Words

It is though notable that if you have the zeal and want to prove yourself in the market, content writing is a steady paying profession even if you take it as a part-time and freelancing career. So, do write your best and read a lot. That’s the only way you can master the rewarding profession.

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Some Quintessential American English Slang Words

This is not for corporate correspondence, but use of slang has been rampant in almost all types of languages. 

Although, slang does not present you in a presentable format, there is no harm in using it once or twice, especially if you cannot substitute it with a better word, in an instant.  

Slang words have also been used in American English, and sine the time is ripe to talk about slang words since the white supremacists have covered the headlines of all leading daily newspapers. 

That is, why not use some slang words for these non-benevolent creatures? So, here are the best five for them. 

1. By the skin of (my/your/his/her) teeth 

This awesome phrase means ‘just barely.’ That is, you can use it when you meet some conditions or needs just barely. 

Nonetheless, you never use this word to glorify anyone or anything.

  The white supremacists have all mongooses by the skin of their teeth.  

2. Crash 

Well, no. This does not mean to get through something or someone while driving a car or any vehicle. 

Of course, if you use it in a unspeakable non-slang situation, you are going to miss the concept of speaking it altogether. Crash, the popular American slang means: To abruptly fall asleep, or to show up without invitation. 

Many opponents of white supremacists crashed, and then someone with and evil car crashed into them.  

3. Knock 

Knock, in slang terms, does not mean to overpower or to hit. It means: To speak negatively, to disparage, to badmouth. 

The white supremacists were all in knock when they heard the blacks are also forming a black supremacist gang.  

4. Pig Out 

Well, there is Pig in for this. Pig is often used as slang, but do you know what it means when used with the word ‘out’. I know, you do, provided you have been to Charlottesville and tried to be white supremacists. Pig out is a metaphor for binge eating.  

Never ever pig out because you just want to crash! 

5. Going Dutch 

This does not mean any Dutch going out or coming in. In fact, this is an obligatory and racial nature. I do not know how Dutch came to be in slang, but the Dutch would never find it interesting. 

This slang is used when each person, usually in a dating scenario, pays for his/her own meal. 

Definitely no one is going Dutch in your next date.  

Keep scratching your head until we show up with the next interesting blog on Contentoto.     


Five Super-Sexy English Words that have Indian Roots of Origin

English is a hugely rich language and as it is the most used language globally, many cultures and many influences make it richer every passing day. 

Hindi and English are totally different languages and they usually don’t match much. Still, English has some very charming words that have Indian or Hindi roots. You might or might not have spotted the coincidence, but that does not change the flow of English which is smooth just like a river. 

Here are 5 English words that are taken from India    


It means a boundless force, or a large transportation lorry. The word is very powerful in its own strength. It is taken from the words Jagannath which is a huge chariot that carried Hindu idols in Odisha and Bengal. The idol carrying ceremony takes every year and is popularly known as Rath Yatra. 


When a God or a deity takes human, superhuman or animal form and is born in this world, it is called an avatar in Hinduism. 

Lord Vishnu took avatars of Shree Krishna as a human for example. However, this word now represents a person in Virtual Reality or web-space.


This word is derived from Bangla, 'a type of cottage built for early European settlers in Bengal'. It has nothing to do with Bangalore, BTW. Bungalow means a cottage of one story in English, according to    


In Hindi, chatṭni is a pickled condiment that is created by using fruit, vinegar, spices and sugar. 

It also means ‘to lick ‘and Indians who mostly use hands to eat food are often found licking their fingers, which is why probably the word got name related with licking.


Here’s what Wikipedia says about the word Adda”: An adda (Bengali: আড্ডা) is a form of intellectual exchange among members, who were originally of the same socio-economic strata, but the process has democratized in modern times.  This word that has entered English dictionary long back is Bengali in origin.       


"I don't want to be a star, I'm the SUN."