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The English Revolution 2018.

The English Revolution is here. Join us in making English more  popular in India. 

Why should you be a part of our English Revolution?

It's for your Benefit, and ours too.

The need for an English Revolution

We are gearing all up for a first of its kind ‘English Revolution’ and want you all to be a part of it. English is a highly global and world’s most spoken and understood languages. 

In this present era of digitization and globalization, it has become imperative for the youth of today to become to become proficient in the language. With the advent of thousands of MNCs in India, the number of Indians getting employed has increased substantially.


English is a Global Business Language

English comes to your rescue if you are traveling abroad and it helps in communicating with the locals there. Even if one is traveling in India, knowledge of the English language helps in getting the message clearly to the other side. India is a country of extreme diversification with a myriad of languages that are different in origin and grammar. 

From the Northeast to the south of the country, there is a great difference in the local language of the different states, and English is the only common language that binds the whole country together. It helps the masses to connect and bring about a Universal Revolution wherein the whole world is part of a single religion- ‘a religion of humanity’. 

If India really wants to be a part of this global business scenario, then its people have to brush up on their English language skills.

This is the way to help our motherland come back to the forefront of the international businesses setting. 

Age of Entrepreneurship

This is the age of entrepreneurship wherein the young millennial population is churning up creative business ideas and turning small start-ups into million dollar ventures. The understanding of the English language can aid in reaching economic prosperity and help in propagating your business venture. 

The digital technology has made it extremely easy to reach out to people across the globe. In order to deal with international clients, it is extremely necessary to be knowledgeable and conversant in English. There has to be a uniform mode of communicating the business ideas and the viability of the products and services that you are offering to the people and English is that mode!

It opens new avenues for professional opportunities

It is seen that in spite of having the skills, talent, and expertise, deserving candidates lose out on prospective job offers due to their lack of proficiency of the English language. Learning the language will help in communicating in a better way with the world outside. Jobs pertaining to tourism, media or outsourcing requires communicating with foreigners and will increase your chances of landing a job in these sectors.

The employers are bombarded with a large number of applicants having competitive skills and educational qualifications. Therefore, your expertise in the English language will make you a catch with the hiring companies. Moreover, you can create a special edge for yourselves and shine out from the crowd at interviews and job hunting sessions. In this era of globalization, you can become a hot property and an employer magnet if your communications skills are at the top of the league.


Outsourced Businesses

At present times, there has been a great rise in the trend of outsourcing businesses. Developing countries such as India, Bangladesh or Philippines provide high qualitative outsourcing services at a cheaper price. This facilitates the companies of developed Nations to highly cut down on operational costs and get superior quality work as well. 

Now, according to reports by the World Economic Forum, countries with the population having better English Speaking and Writing skills are able to attract more foreign companies to outsource businesses. Therefore, you can really help in enriching the National economy and GDP of our country by mastering the art of effective verbal and written English skills. So, This English Revolution is essentially a national revolution to help empower our youth towards financial independence and upliftment. 

Yes, you got us right, learning to be better at the language can help you to promote the economic prosperity of our Motherland. 

National literacy

Six out of ten of every Indian are unable to read or write in English in spite of the fact that most of the medicines or legal documents are typed in the language. Now, this becomes a source of tragedy for many families who are cheated into forgery and are extracted from their land or properties due to their inability to read the Governmental documents. 

Don’t you think, teaching our fellow men English will give them the power to really know what they are getting into in terms of registrations and property agreements?

This will greatly improve the lives of many who are now being deceived by the money hungry imposters. In addition to this, the knowledge of the English language will also enable them to read the medical prescriptions, food labels, Identity proof certificates, important registration documents or court orders. 

One World-Language

English is the language of the world and around 60% of the speakers of the language use it as a second language and are not actually native speakers. Therefore, there is no harm in embracing it and bridging the gap between countries. Whether one wants to learn a new foreign language or improve their existing English skills, you have made the right decision to go ahead with this English revolution and empower yourselves. 

Many people are of the opinion that why give importance to a foreign language and neglect our Mother Tongue. 

Well, there is nothing wrong in learning a new foreign language and widening your horizons, if, in your heart, you are attached to your roots. 

So let’s join hands for a one of its kind English Revolution and be a part of this truly globalized culture. If you want to be a part of this transforming movement and help your brothers and sisters in the nation to become empowered and contribute to the national economy, then write to us.

If you have anything to do with English, this Revolution needs you. Are you a student who wants to explore the better learning opportunities in English? Are you a writer and want to get the advanced-edge of the power of English? Or, you are a call center employee who is good in English speaking? Or, maybe, an organization interested in the progress and professionalism of your firm? 

To learn how you can be part of the English Revolution and get enough monetary and professional benefits, give us a shout. Get connected with us and send in your ideas, suggestions, feedback and anything else you might want to share by mailing us now at:

Let’s change the world together, one city at a time.

Let’s begin.